Greetings Captain, welcome aboard

Greetings Captain, welcome aboard

Greetings Captain, welcome aboardGreetings Captain, welcome aboardGreetings Captain, welcome aboard

 An intense, strategic gaming experience where every decision matters and you need all the luck you can get...

Ghosts in the void


Deadflight is a strategic board game about lone spaceships  engaging in clandestine or illicit operations across the Solar System. Players must utilise their fleet assets to complete faction specific  objectives, gather resources or intelligence and destroy anyone trying to stop them.

Deadflight is still in the development phase - if you would like to help with play testing, please get in touch


The Year is 3927

Technology has taken humanity across the solar system and civilian colonies exist on every viable planet, although the threat of total war no longer exists between the Solar System’s dominant powers humanity has not yet shed itself of its tendency for violence.


How it works

Deadflight has three distinct arenas of play that will test your strategic thinking to the limit.

Broadspace involves carefully managing your Fleet Carrier by issuing orders to different systems on your ship, from launching troopships to firing your ranged batteries or scanning wreckage.

Nearspace is an intense 32mm hex-based spaceship combat system where players can engage in dogfights, bombing runs and troop deployment.

Face-to-Face combat is an abstract infantry search/combat system that represent infantry forces operating in space.

Factions in Deadflight

Terrestrial Planetary Alliance

The four inner planets united under one vision. A Powerful military hamstrung by pedantic bureaucracy, the TPA is the benchmark power in the Solar System

Gas Giants Conglomerate

Exiled mega-corporations established a dangerous new power bloc in the centre of the Solar System

Privateers and Renegades

Those who eschew the ordered life seek their own destiny in the trans-neptunium region and beyond

Solar Commerce Guild

Legitimate merchant traders whose legacy and influence is passed down through the generations

The Forgotten

The scattered survivors  of an AI genocide, these new-lifeforms seek a place of solitude, safely away from humanity's volatile nature 

The Pious and Devoted Pilgrims

Religious zealots determined to venture out into the galaxy in search of the divine

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